"Well thought out, intricate melodies and emotional lyrics by a band unafraid of a little synth. These are some real songs."

- Holy Crap Underground Music Community & Magazine 

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Empty (Fulfilled) is a hot new take on a cool A-SC classic. Building off the original Empty from our debut album Otherwise Bleak eXistence (2008), this April 2020 release brings entirely new and refined instrumentation, vocals, production, and mastering to capture both the primordial and cutting-edge elements of Anti-Social Club at its finest. Blast it on your preferred platform here:

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Anti-Social Club

Original Indie/alt/goth rock, with a twist of synth pop

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About A-SC

Anti-Social Club is a Washington DC-area band creating "original indie/alt/goth rock, with a twist of synth pop". Featuring Greg Guevara on guitar/vox, Peter Dowsett on keys/programming, Rachael Fuhs on keys/vox, and Mike Murphy on bass, A-SC's music offers a powerful blend of expressive melodies, infectious beats, thoughtful lyrics, and heartfelt vocals.

While aiming for originality in their music, A-SC's influences include such bands as The Cure, The Church, Depeche Mode, Love and Rockets, Pink Floyd, LCD Soundsystem, Joy Division, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Murphy, and Radiohead, among others.