Anti-Social 102

Merry Christmas A-SC fans and friends! Greg here, writing with a little musical gift offering.

As you may recall, last December Anti-Social Club created a Spotify playlist called "Anti-Social 101". It featured 101 tracks from various bands we love, including 20 picks from each band member, plus songs we've covered or hope to cover and a 6-pack of our own tunes. Through this effort we aimed to create a somewhat representative (albeit inevitably incomplete) sample of music that has influenced A-SC over the years.

Today I'm happy to present you with Anti-Social 102 -- an updated version of that playlist which I created for YouTube. It includes the same great songs from 101, but with some enhancements. These include the magic of video itself; a number of cool variants on the original songs (including select official videos, fan videos, live performances, etc.); AND a bonus track: A-SC's song Empty (Fulfilled), released in April 2020. Plus you don't need a Spotify account to access this playlist. :)

A-SC's YouTube page, which now includes the Anti-Social 102 playlist. Check it out and subscribe (just click on the image above), as we plan to further boost our video offerings in the not-too-distant future!

I promise, Anti-Social 102 is a great collection of songs and videos for those who appreciate the overall A-SC vibe and would like some musical companionship (and maybe even some new music discovery) as you go about your day. Thus, if you're so inclined, please follow Anti-Social 102 on YouTube at the following link:

A tiny sampling of some of the cool tunes and videos that await you in Anti-Social 102. Go on, click on it! You know you want to... :)

Cheers and enjoy!

-Greg Guevara

P.S. The direct link to subscribe to our YouTube channel is also available here:

P.P.S. Spotify users can also follow the "original" version of this playlist -- with the Empty (Fulfilled) bonus track included -- on Spotify at

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