April Madness!

In the spirit of helping maintain our collective sanity during the coronavirus pandemic, this week our friends at Holy Crap Records kicked off a brilliant and fun virtual live music event known as April Madness. Modeled loosely after the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, April Madness is essentially a very friendly virtual band battle in which 32 indie artists were invited to participate, and then paired into brackets to face off against each other in single elimination match-ups. Each artist plays a 15-minute live set streamed on Facebook Live (available on the artists' and Holy Crap Records' Facebook pages) at an appointed time, and the artist with the most "likes" (and "loves") on their performance within their bracket moves on to the next round.

April Madness promo poster.

Of course the competition is really, as HCR would say, NOT serious and a total goof. Above all, it's an enjoyable way to keep the live music flowing during these extraordinarily difficult times. It's a chance for indie artists to perform for live (albeit virtual) audiences in the midst of social distancing mandates. And it's an opportunity for indie music lovers to hear and support some of their favorite "local" artists as well as discover some new ones. All from the safety of our own homes and video screens.

Anti-Social Club is honored to be a part of this excellent event. Our Round One set was held on Saturday, April 4, which you can catch on our Facebook page by clicking on the image below. Of course, like many of the artists involved, due to social distancing we aren't able to put on a "full band" show at this time. However, Rachael and I were able to represent, with Peter and Mike cheering us on from their own homes. And, much to our pleasant surprise, thanks to our awesome fans we "won" our bracket and are moving on to Round Two!

Our April Madness Round One performance on FB live.

We are so grateful to those who took a few minutes out of their Saturday evening to catch our set. It was great to interact with folks on FB Live, and a real pleasure to be able to play a few tunes for a live audience in the midst of some otherwise very trying times. We're already looking forward to our next 15-minute jam, which will be broadcast live on Saturday, April 11 at 7:30 p.m. ET. Of course we hope to get an even bigger turnout so we can keep playing beyond Saturday, and ask you to please jump on Facebook at that time if you can to watch. We promise to make it worth your while! We also encourage you to take some time to catch the other artists participating in April Madness. The brackets are filled with some truly great talent, and you just might discover some of your next favorite bands this way!   

April Madness bracket as of April 5, 2020. 

Regardless of what happens from here, once again we extend a huge thanks to Holy Crap Records for putting this event together, and doing so much to help keep the indie music scene going strong.

Everyone please take care and stay safe! Hope to see you on FB Live on Saturday and beyond!


Greg / A-SC

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