Heat for the Winter

Happy Winter Solstice! Here's a little something to keep you warm -- Winter (Heat Mix), released in February 2019 as a remix created by our keyboardist / programmer / producer extraordinaire Peter Dowsett. (The original Winter was released in November 2018 on our album Dark Before the Light.)

And in case you missed it, here's a lovely unsolicited review of the Heat Mix from A-SC fan and friend Jeff Brune, who wrote it shortly after release. Give it a read while you give it a listen: 


"'Winter (Heat Mix)' has a badass beginning — intriguing and inviting. I could run to this. There’s a certain rugged triumphant quality in the opening guitar, a tough soul in a Western movie who overcomes the desolate landscape. 

The first note is a splash of cold water to the face. I am still alive, I think. One eye opens. 

The introduction evokes images of deep cold and wind that blows crystalline snow off the trees. I’ve seen this and it makes me shudder. Triangle bells bring images of blue-white ice. 

Vocals are refreshingly clear and articulate. The warm voice thaws the cold. 

Art is individual. What I hear in the music is this — a story of love beyond the grave. A grave becomes a snow fort — almost fun. Almost. Snow angels. Laughter. Echoes of two lives in tandem fighting the bitter and huge and final cold. 

Great tune!” 


Check out the song on YouTube above or at your preferred platform below, and then add it to your playlists!


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