"Well thought out, intricate melodies and emotional lyrics by a band unafraid of a little synth. These are some real songs."

- Holy Crap Underground Music Community & Magazine 

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About A-SC

Anti-Social Club is a Washington DC area band whose sound can be loosely described as "indie/alt/goth rock, with a twist of synth pop". Featuring Greg Guevara on guitar / lead vocals, Peter Dowsett on keyboards / programming, Rachael Fuhs on keyboards / backing vocals, and Mike Murphy on bass, A-SC strives to create expressive melodies and infectious beats around a core of poignant lyrics and heartfelt vocals.

While aiming for originality in their music, A-SC's influences include such bands as The Cure, The Church, Depeche Mode, Love and Rockets, Pink Floyd, LCD Soundsystem, Joy Division, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Murphy, and Radiohead, among others.